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Real Results From Real Women On Overactive Bladder

Mary Helen suffered with overactive bladder problems for ten years before finding BetterWOMAN.

“The most problematic part of bladder control is the fact that I have a busy life, I work, and my life was constantly interrupted with the needing to go to a bathroom all the time. I’d heard about BetterWOMAN from a magazine for people with incontinence.

I was looking for a natural herb and decided to give it a try. The other medicines I’d taken had side effects and dry mouth, and I knew that BetterWOMAN would’t have side effects.

I always have pads on, and one day I went to the bathroom and the pad was dry, and I realized it was because of BetterWOMAN. I think women just need to give it a try. There’s nothing they could possibly lose – and it will change their lives.”

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What are the Ingredients in BetterWOMAN?

BetterWOMAN is a proprietary formula of an exact blend of 20 all natural pure Chinese herbs.

BetterWOMAN is manufactured in the United States with CGMP standard. Each batch is tested to ensure the highest qualities.

BetterWOMAN is developed by a woman, Dr. Peipei Wishnow, PhD, for women as the first clinically tested herbal remedy shown effectiveness for helping overactive bladder, reducing frequent urination and urine leakage. The herbs and their key related functions are listed here.

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How Does BetterWOMAN Help Women’s Bladder Naturally?

BetterWOMAN natural herbal remedy is specifically designed to reduce frequent urination, urine leakage and calm overactive bladder in women.

BetterWOMAN works to improve blood circulation, modulate hormone balance and neuromuscular functions naturally. Its combined, synergistic function allows BetterWOMAN be used both preventatively and therapeutically to strengthen women’s bladder muscles and easy menopausal related symptoms.

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Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident that BetterWOMAN can help you gain bladder control naturally that we provide a 120-day return policy for our first time customers, and offer our customers free phone consultation on our toll free line.

Join the thousands of women who have found success with betterWOMAN since 2002, and take the first step towards winning the battle for bladder control today.

You have very little to lose, but a world of freedom to gain.

So act today!

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