Male Incontinence and Bladder Control

Prostate cancer surgery is one of the most common contributing factors to incontinence and bladder control problems in men. Based on the data presented at 31st Congress of the Societe Internationale D’Urologie in Berlin, October 2011, 40-50% of patients developed … Continued

I also had PMS relief with BetterWOMAN

Although BetterWOMAN is designed mainly for bladder health, over the years we have received many intriguing anecdotes from our customers about its additional benefits. One of the most persistent comments is that BetterWOMAN has helped to relieve premenstrual syndrome (PMS). … Continued

Why BetterWOMAN did not help Cathy

I have reported many successful cases with BetterWOMAN. Today I am going to report a case where BetterWOMAN failed. Several months ago, we received a very sad email from Cathy. She wrote: “It’s hard to believe I may be finding … Continued

I can sing again

Younger women with bladder control problems Beth is an active young woman. “I am a singer. But I could not sing in the past few years because of the terrible cottonmouth I got from the medications for my bladder control … Continued

Incontinent Senior – Happy Solution

If you or your loved ones are suffering from incontinence problems, this story from Maria from Wisconsin should cheer you up. Maria is a happy Better Woman user and she wanted to share her experiences with everyone who may be interested in improving bladder … Continued

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