Doctors Recommend BetterWOMAN

I received an email recently titled “Praising BetterWOMAN“.  You would think I would be happy after reading it. Instead, I was quite disappointed. I’ll tell you why. The Email “Friends call me Jill. I am 66 year old and have … Continued

I also had PMS relief with BetterWOMAN

Although BetterWOMAN is designed mainly for bladder health, over the years we have received many intriguing anecdotes from our customers about its additional benefits. One of the most persistent comments is that BetterWOMAN has helped to relieve premenstrual syndrome (PMS). … Continued

BetterWOMAN Changed My Life

Back in 2005, I received a letter from Beth H., a brave 47-year old lady from Seattle, “My friends thought I was crazy when I tried BetterWOMAN six years ago, but I proved them all wrong!!!” “BetterWOMAN has changed my … Continued

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