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Katie, 57 – (from multiple pads a day, down to one pad a day and still improving)*

“I used to wear several pads a day and had tried various products, each for several years, and still have bladder problems. Then my husband found BetterWOMAN for me to try. I saw results within just a few months of using it. I also tried a higher dosage: I started with 2 a day, and then I used 4 a day and then 6 a day. Now I am down to 1 pad a day and still improving. I am ordering 12 bottles today and I would never want to run out of BetterWOMAN.”

Kayle, 56 – (menopause)*

“I started to have frequent urination problems after menopause. After taking BetterWOMAN for two months, the urge to go to the bathroom during the day has been reduced noticeably. This makes my life much easier because I love to be outdoors and love to travel.  I like to drink lots of water too. BetterWOMAN gives me back the freedom to do whatever I enjoy. I like this feeling.”

Sandy, 52 – (menopause)*

“I am 52 and on my second bottle of BetterWOMAN. The first thing I can tell is that I can sneeze and laugh without a panic attack. Ha Ha..”

Dana, 56 – (years of bladder control issues)*

“I completed one bottle of the product and did not notice any differences in my urge to go to the bathroom. I don’t think the product is any good and would work for me. I am disappointed.”
(Comments from BetterWOMAN team – the recommended minimum dosage is 3 bottles. It may take longer time to see the results for some people. We strongly recommend new users to be patient and give BetterWOMAN enough time to deliver the benefits.)

Delsa, 55 – (menopause)*

“I am a nurse working in an emergency room. It is not easy for me to deal with my own urine leakage problem. Whenever I sneezed, coughed or bent, I got wet. I noticed obvious improvements after 2 bottles of BetterWOMAN. Now I very rarely get wet. It’s a great product.”

Jennifer, 54 – (menopause)*

“I am 54. In the last 6 months my problems were: taking a sip of anything and need to go “immediately”, which is especially difficult if you are driving, trouble holding it when trying to find a bathroom fast, had to go constantly, leakage when I coughed or sneezed, and going 1-3 times during the night. I saw immediate improvements during my first bottle; it helped me to not have to go “immediately”, and not so often. …”

Joyce, 50 – (peri-menopause)*

“I just started to enter the peri-menopausal phase. I noticed that I started to get wet sometimes when I laughed very hard. After I tried 2 bottles of BetterWOMAN, not only did the leakage became much less a problem,  and much less night sweats as well that was associated with menopause.”

Janet, 52 –(thrilled)*

“My life is no longer in the toilet!!!!!!”

Lynn, 52 – (menopause)*

“After taking BetterWOMAN for 3 months, I noticed the frequency of my night sweats reduced quite a bit. I can sleep better, and that makes me much easier to concentrate during the day.”

Michelle, 55 – (menopause)*

“BetterWOMAN works well for me. It is much better for my health and budget.  Thank you!”

Deb, 53 – (peri-menopause)*

“I found I am not as smart as I used to be and could not multi-task anymore – my brain is just like a cotton ball, fuzzy and cannot concentrate. Also, I started to leak when I sneeze or laugh. After 4 months on BetterWOMAN, my leakage is under control and I can think clearly again because I can sleep better now .”

Maurice, 56 – (thought BetterWOMAN was not working for her)*

“This product really works! I used it for awhile and didn’t think it did anything…Now that I’m off it I realize how much I need it back!”

June, 55 – (prefer gentle natural remedy)*

“BetterWOMAN has been the answer to my prayers. I prefer gentle and natural products. BetterWOMAN works once it gets into my system. That takes time but it is worth it in the long run. Thank you.”

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