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Lawrence Dorman, DO, Applewood Medical Center, Missouri

“The majority of my patients (ranging in age from 37 to 73) have noticed dramatic improvements in their urinary control issues within 6 to 8 weeks of taking BetterWOMAN. One patient has several years of bladder control history. After one bottle, she started to see improvements. Another patient saw her bladder control issue greatly improved after 60 days. I am very happy with the results.”

Paul Cutler, MD, PC. Niagara Falls, NY

“I am very happy with the response from my patients. They are mostly women over 60, and many of them saw improvements within 60 days. One young 28-year-old woman had unpredictable leakage. I treated her with BetterWOMAN, and she has been very happy with the results.”

Gary Kracoff, R.Ph. Johnson Drug, Waltham, MA

“I never realized how big this problem was. We have already had many better women! The majority of the customers start to see improvements when using BetterWOMAN as directed. Nearly all customers have continued to use BetterWOMAN long term. A woman in her 70s told me that she was housebound, and now she can go out and enjoy her life again. What a relief!”

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