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A case of husband helping wife – Fred’s wife, 81*

“My wife is 81. I put her on BetterWOMAN for her bladder control problem and sometimes bed wetting. I saw some results fairly quickly because I did not have to change sheets as often. Now I am ordering BetterMAN for myself to help with nighttime urinary frequency.”

A case of wife helping husband – Ester, 79*

“I am 79 and proud of it. I am very active. What bothers me most about my unpredictable leakage is that it is very inconvenient. Not a happy thing. I read about BetterWOMAN in Dr. Whitaker’s newsletter and decided to give it a try. My feeling of bladder control is better now. Previously I could not feel the control. I am still wearing pads, but much less now. I hope the control will become better with continued usage. Also my husband has to go to bathroom often too. So I put him on BetterMAN!”

A case of 20 years of bladder control problems – Maggie, 78*

“I started to have bladder control problems 20 years ago with some leakages. I ordered 2 bottles of BetterWOMAN and almost finished both now. I believe it is starting to work for me slowly. I can feel the control now that I could not feel before. Yesterday I was on a phone call and had to go to the bathroom. But I did not want to cut short the conversation. I was okay. Normally I would have leaked out.”

A case of 6 years of bladder control problems – Anna, 66*

“I started to have bladder control problems during the day and night several years ago. I am an active 66 and still have lots of fun with my life. If it were not for BetterWOMAN, I would NEVER have dared to take the leading role in a play last year in a community theater. I would be scared to death to have to go to bathroom in the middle of my performance. In addition, BetterWOMAN also has helped my energy levels tremendously. I do not get tired so easily now.”

A case with 24 years of bladder control problems – Katy, 61*

“I have had bladder control problems since I was 37. Seven years ago I started to wear pads.  I tried 3 bottles of BetterWOMAN first and started to feel it helped a little, but I was still wearing pads. Now I am on the 7th bottle and the leakage is much better. I feel much better in control. Thank you.”

A case with initial results of BetterWOMAN– Peggy, 56*

“I have only used one bottle so far, BetterWOMAN seems to help me better emptying my bladder. I don’t have as many days with frequent urge. I really like to continue using the product to see if I can get better results.”

A case with additional discovery of bladder control – Kathy, 53*

“My bladder was okay with occasional leakage when I sneezed or laughed. Several years ago, I started to experience more unpredictable leakages. My biggest problem was at night, I needed to go every hour, to hour and a half. I was exhausted. I read about BetterWOMAN in Dr. Whitaker’s newsletter and ordered it. I am now on the second bottle and I can sleep 4 to 4.5 hours. Last night, I lasted 5 hours without having to go!!! I noticed another thing. In this allergy season, I did not leak at all when I sneezed. I have to say BetterWOMAN has changed my life!!! Thank you.”

A case of long time bladder control problems – Catherine, 51*

“I have been on BetterWOMAN for 6 months, my dripping has been much better. I now can feel more control. I can attest that BetterWOMAN has helped me tremendously with this bladder problem that occurred for the bulk of my life.”

A case for calming bladder – Sara, 47*

“BetterWOMAN worked for me! I am a much happier person after just 2 bottles. I am calmer when my bladder is calmer. Thank you!”

A case with pee pill– Monet, 41*

“I used to get up at least 2-3 times a night. I could not travel long distance without stop at a restroom. I was afraid of drinking water in the movie theater. I have been on BetterWOMAN for 2 months now and already noticed some improvement. Now, before we go on a long trip, my husband will jokingly remind me to take ‘the pee pill’. I recommend anyone with bladder control problems, to try this product.”

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