Bladder Control Natural Remedy

BetterWOMAN is a bladder control natural remedy clinically tested effective for women. BetterWOMAN is safe, all natural with no known side effects. Since 2002, BetterWOMAN has helped thousands of women from ages 18 to 105 to calm their bladder, reduce occasional leakage and reduce frequent urination during the day and at night.*

BetterWOMAN is created for women by a woman. Peipei Wishnow, PhD, is trained in U.S. pharmaceutical practices, but she also makes use of her heritage. As a third-generation Chinese medical professional, she understands the value of traditional herbal preparations as an integral part of healthcare options. Dr. Wishnow’s BetterWOMAN formula is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory and supported by years of scientific and clinical data. BetterWOMAN contains 20 pure natural Chinese herbs, and has successfully helped thousands of American women regain their control, freedom, and peace of mind for over a decade.

BetterWOMAN American Clinical Test Results

BetterWOMAN is the first clinically tested natural remedy shown to be effective in improving bladder health in women. The study result was conducted in 2001 and the results published in the Menopause Journal, Vol. 10, No.6, 2003. The study shows that Better WOMAN reduces urinary urgency, frequency and leakage naturally in women.

The study included forty-five American women aged from 34 to 74. The majority of women reported noticeable improvements after using BetterWOMAN for 60 days (3 bottles). 80% reported reduced urine leakage, 75% reported reduced urinary urgency, and 73% reported reduced urinary frequency during the day and at night. The study participants took a self-assessment questionnaire before and after taking BetterWOMAN. For a participant to be considered “reported improved” in a specific test parameter, her scores must change from “Always” to “Occasionally”, or from “Frequently” to “Rarely”. Data points were tabulated by an independent third party and summarized in the chart shown. The time required to notice the impact of BetterWOMAN varied among the participants. The majority of the participants started to see improvements after 3 bottles (60 days).

Some additional benefits were reported by individuals that include: increased energy levels, increased sexual libido and vaginal lubrication, and reduced menopausal symptoms, such as mood swings and hot flashes. Individual results vary on those parameters. No negative side effects were reported.

BetterWOMAN has since helped thousands of women regain bladder control and freedom (see Better Women reviews).

BetterWOMAN European Test Results

In 2004, an independent study on Better WOMAN was carried out in Netherland by an independent party Liberty Healthcare.  The study focused on the effect of BetterWOMAN on European women who desired to improve their bladder control naturally. One hundred women participated in the study. After using 2 bottles of BetterWOMAN, 64% of the participants reported noticeable improvements in their bladder health: fewer bathroom visits, less urge, and better bladder control (private communication).

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