BetterWOMAN is My Lifesaver

What You Dare to Dream, Dare To Do!” “About a year ago, I started to experience very frequent urination and increased difficulty with bladder control. My work requires me to stand for 3-4 hours at a time without leaving my … Continued

Doctors Recommend BetterWOMAN

I received an email recently titled “Praising BetterWOMAN“.  The Email: “Friends call me Jill. I am 66 year old and have been taking BetterWOMAN for 2 years now. Struggling to manage my bladder control issues, I asked my family doctor … Continued

BetterWOMAN Changed My Life

Back in 2005, I received a letter from Beth H., a brave 47-year old lady from Seattle, “My friends thought I was crazy when I tried BetterWOMAN six years ago, but I proved them all wrong!!!” “BetterWOMAN has changed my … Continued

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